Broadcast Transmission Services

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Datatrans Communications Limited provide and install of all aspects of broadcast radio transmission services including studio equipment and services.



AM (Medium Wave) / FM  Transmission Services

We undertake the Design, Installation and Maintenance of both AM and FM transmission systems for Local Radio, Community Radio and Restricted Service Licenses.

Our experience is from full permanent Local Radio installations that have been operating for 15 years, to temporary Restricted Service Licenses. Our clients include UKTD a major operator of Local Radio Licenses.

Our FM installations cover the range from 1 watt to 500 watts.

We specialize in AM (Medium Wave) installations and our experience covers the range 2 Watts emrp to 1000 watts. Our smallest installation at 2 watts employs an antenna of only 12m and a transmitter of 50 watts with the largest a 37m mast with ground plane of over 3km of copper wire and transmitter of 2.8kWatt.

Our transmission solutions for Community Radio and RSL’s are always low cost but are fully compliant with Ofcom’s requirements.

If you are planning an AM operation and want a low cost competitively priced solution which is reliable and has full engineering backup and maintenance options, talk to us and we will be delighted to assist you.



Studio – Transmitter Links

There are many cases where the transmitter (Particularly AM) is situated remotely from the studio. We have many years of experience in providing cost effective and reliable solutions for this and the monitoring of the transmitter and the audio feed so you always remain on air regardless of problems before the transmitter. For more information, talk to us for advice and a cost effective price.



Community Radio / Restricted Service License Consultancy Services

If you are planning to operate a small scale radio station particularly AM and want sensible understandable advice and a cost effective solution we suggest you should talk to us. Initial advice is free but as you would expect, for full consultancy services we expect payment. However this may be refundable if you receive a license and we supply and undertake the installation for you. Talk with us and explore the options.



Studio Equipment

We have a wealth of experience in installing Broadcast Radio Studios from full Local Radio to temporary Restricted Service License installations. The Desk (Mixer) and play out system are vital components of all Broadcast Radio systems and we have considerable experience in this area. We have reliable cost effective recommendations and solutions for these and would be pleased to undertake the recommended work at your radio station.


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